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Financial and Commercial Due Diligence
Prepare marked to market balance sheet


Financial and Commercial Due Diligence

An acquisition audit for an M&A is a process to understand the underlying risk in the business of the target company, an essential process for company management to fulfill due diligence obligation in M&A decision making. By analyzing the past profit and loss statement and eliminating unusual items, normalized profitability of the target company can be estimated. We offer financial and commercial due diligence, based on careful discussions with our client.

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Prepare marked to market balance sheet

Estimating net worth in real terms is the first step to corporate restructuring based on private reorganization guidelines. When operating cash flow is maximized by the company’s utmost efforts, if the net deficiency in real terms is not recovered within a reasonable period (usually three to five years), creditors, such as financial institutions, will be asked to provide financial support, including debt forgiveness. The marked to market balance sheet must be accurately compiled by experienced CPAs, well-versed in business revitalization practice, in accordance with the Standard for Preparation of marked to market BS in the Private Reorganization Guideline.

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